Project: Massimiliano Camoletto - UdA Architetti

Collaborators for interior design: Matteo Franco

Photographer: Max Zambelli



Zagliani, the Milanese company specialized in handmade bags and small leather goods made with exotic skins, unveils an exclusive bespoke Atelier service housed in the via Durini headquarters in Milan.




Here, in the headquarters, housed in a glorious 17th century Palazzo in the central via Durini, 
(...) "the frescoes on the walls and ceilings, together with the baroque stuccos create an electrifying yet subtle counterpoint to the mid-century modern furniture: glass cabinets, fabric-upholstered sofas, poufs and linear tables.

Sober Milanese elegance, of the International Style variety – soft hues and a taste for refined conviviality – frames an unforgettably personal experience."





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