Team di progettazione: Andrea Marcante, Massimiliano Camoletto, Valter Camagna 

Collaboratori: Guja Chatrian, Luca Talarico

Fotografo: Alberto Ferrero




The project tried to develop an ambivalent relationship between evanescence and reality, imagination and vision, through a built, in a way artificial, space.



Architecture becomes a microcosm where with the help of filters, reflections and images the intention is to bring to a halt the person walking around the place.




Lights, colors and images all dissappear as opposed to the tactile reality of materials selected for their intrinsic qualities.




The properties of these materials enhance the sensuality of the spaces distributed around the black volumes in Corian that serve as a divisory elements of different zones and functions. (whether it is food presentation, wine tasting, bar, cash desk or CD sales point by the client’s own record company)




Besides, each material enhances the monolithic aspect of the rooms as well as the tactile qualities of opaque surfaces, coloured deep black. The room layout in the overall plan makes it possible to use the single elements in varying combinations, according to available space.




On the other hand, each room moves across the space independently outside of glass windows, arriving in this case to the street level and therefore modifying the very idea of a physical boundary between inner and outer space.




All uncoated surfaces come single coloured, thus creating uniform illumination; the technical facilities, the kitchen and the service rooms are glazed with laminated glass partitions with a partially transparent orange film to allow different space perception.



This is, in fact, the real focus of the project: the sensual manipulations tied to the vision that brings to a different perception of reality.



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