Team di progettazione: Andrea Marcante, Massimiliano Camoletto, Valter Camagna

Collaboratori: Shinobu Hashimoto, Sara Fortin, Gianpaolo Ghignone

Fotografo: Alberto Ferrero




The concept developed by UdA for the new FISICO store transforms the Interior of a commercial space into a sensual and multisensory scene in which the customer is the leading actress, stimulating with her body gestures a measured and precise use of materials, forms, lights.




Furniture disappears as a concept , being replaced by a set of pure architectural elements instead, covered and finished with materials that are both refined and simple. The suspended and backlit top body cover of the hanging rail is at once container and visual display.
Clad in black semi-reflective glass, partly-sanded behind a texture of backlit circular bumps, it is a miniature of the same official Fisico logo of the banner, which glides at the centre of the space like a perforated volume of light.




Below, the display plinths, standing on the ground, unfurl like a virtual catwalk in white laminated glass. 
The garments are stars of the show but the explicit subtle invitation to the audience is to consider themselves on the catwalk. It is a game of cross-references and of muted atmospheres. The all light is provided by the furniture elements in themselves: luminous cases with images of the collection, plinths, hanging rails. Only the accentual illumination comes from spotlights.




It is a heretical minimalism without abstraction or frigid coldness – rather there is a precise selection of the sensory stimuli granted by a few materials and clean-cut forms. The materials have been chosen by UdA for their tactile and visual qualities in reference to simple and sophisticated finishes : glass, aluminium, textile. The glass is shiny black or milky white, and throws reflections and light; the aluminium is bright, bronzed and anodized and flanks the fabric.




It is an erotic minimalism because it lingers on the senses - all of them - but in particular the TOUCH which perceives the materials’ textures . A perfect synthesis between Architecture and home.





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