Project team: Andrea Marcante with Adelaide Testa

Collaborators: Shinobu Hashimoto, Mauro Camagna

Photographer: Stefano Graziani




A double glazing cladding volume, outstanding on the roof of an early century Factory reconverted into residential building in Turin , is interpreted by UdA as the ideal match between Emotion and Reason to cite Jane Austen.




The project by Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa , is based on a fair face-off , dialectic and contention, that recalls the rules of fencing: a loyal and open match-clash, based on efficiency, ethics and gestures’ philosophy.




In this property, where a young couple of professionals lives, the furnishing with its emotional impact faces the architectural volume , designed to optimize human needs and spatial qualities. The emotional component comes from the interior design, with its unfinished look almost imperfect, typical of the works of young designers, sensitive to experimentation. 



On the other hand, a rational set of shapes in the double height open volume, elegantly optimises light, paths, functions giving life to an autonomous and independent architecture with respect to the building envelope : a glass-metal volume resting on the shell of the former industrial building for production of tyres , located in the historical Regio Parco area , centre of Old Turin . This project responds to a City Council Programme promoting renovation of existing residential and industrial buildings . From there the idea of introducing in the project materials and furniture recovered from other objects or recycled.




The living area, for example, is characterised by a large window set against the equally imposing space that houses the stairs. The floor, made of a light colour stone, leads out onto the terrace becoming an extended backdrop to the apartment, rich in finished and unfinished opposites such as : inside and outside , above and below, rational and decorative, blind and transparent. Opposites that , however, mix together reaching a kind of poetic harmony.




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