Team di progettazione: Massimiliano Camoletto, Andrea Marcante
Collaboratori: Guja Chatrian, Manuel Mangolini, Anna Tumaini
Fotografo: Luigi Gariglio




The need to have many functions well organized within a limited space, led to the development of a linear layout with work stations arranged in sequence. Hence, the entire space was neatly divided into two areas : one including toilets and changing rooms plus dyeing and washing rooms, the other hosting the hair-cutting room.




This was obtained by installing an equipped counter running lengthwise across the room, placed at about one third of the space width. The sequence finishes at the end of the room inside the veranda, whose opaque glass diffuses light and makes real borders, seem indefinite space being transformed into a volume of light.




Internal surfaces were also meant to interact with light, and the alternating cross reflections created by high gloss surfaces, glass sheets and mirrors contribute to enhancing the perception of a multiform wider space. The atmosphere of the salon can easily change by periodically replacing the false ceiling and the full-size image applied to the clear unframed glass partition. Thanks to the wide luminous skylight at the bottom, these only coloured elements reflected by white surfaces, characterize the full chromatic arrangement of the well measured tiny and cosy space.




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