Project team: Massimiliano Camoletto, Andrea Marcante, Valter Camagna
Collaborator: Davide Salvatico
Photographer: Hervé Abbadie



Starting from the initial restriction of a number of extremely narrow rooms in a row and following the total demolition of the interior partitions, the idea behind the project was to create something along the lines of a houseboat, with a very narrow and long floor plan.




All the basic functions of the house are located in a single wall which is 60 cm. wide and 9 meters long, forming the backbone of the apartment. A 2-metre wide living space has been created on one side and a 90 cm wide corridor on the other. Kitchen, bathrooms and facilities are located in the interior of the central core. In this way a fully independent guest unit with in-suite bathroom and kitchenette is generated on the larger side of the core, while on the other very long side the main kitchen can be isolated by a spy glass sliding door system. When all the sliding doors are recessed , the master bedroom on the northern end of the apartment, along with its bathroom and walk-in closet, results in a continuity with the living room on the other end and culminates in a terrace with a stunning 5th floor first line sea view.




The Interior Space therefore becomes a telescope directed towards the sea. The landscape becomes then an abstract image where only the sky and the sea are visible, treated as pure light effects. The light through its chromatic values and the mirror, deriving interior glare, become together the project matter with macro scale images. Everything is white: walls, ceilings and floors.




Exterior full size glass pivoting door almost disappears side hung when open; everything becomes flooded by natural and artificial light alternating between day and night. Reflections, amplified spaces, underwater enlarged imageslaminated on glass : each and all of them are the elements that define a highly sensorial space.





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