Team di progettazione: Andrea Marcante, Adelaide Testa

Collaboratori: Oliver Hutchinson; Hyemin Ro




The starting concept puts a new focus on the traditional approach and the stereotypes often used to depict the big global corporation headquarters operating in South-East Asia.




UdA looked for a design that would demystify this image and help emerge the double-sided nature of the company, European and Asian, and the double-sided nature of the interior spaces: the “masculine” side of a business centre presented through the building's architecture and its finishes (i.e. the aluminium false ceiling that couldn’t be removed) and on the other hand a design that reconciles with the company's ”feminine” side, revolved around bras, the icon of today’s feminine world.




Thus the interior atmosphere, due the choice of materials and furniture pieces , reminds about the typical North-European lightness and brightness, especially through the white surfaces and the bleached wooden floor.




Following this guideline, the interior elements result as delicate and elaborate as the company's products: glass walls resemble white laces, wardrobe and samples archive are clad in printed fabric . Light but solid furniture, made with unusual linoleum finish on plywood structure, is custom designed and produced in Italy




The whole furniture range, from the reception desk cafeteria to the boardrooms, reveal its constructive nature, simple yet sophisticated aesthetics of assembly and finishes– exactly like certain exclusive feminine spirit of today.





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