Project team: Andrea Marcante, Adelaide Testa

Collaborators: Sara Fortin, Shino Hashimoto

Photographer: Carola Ripamonti/Filippo Piantanida




It is about Decoration and how it can match with a kind of Architecture representing contemporary and international lifestyle. This is the key theme in the renovation of a 250 sq. meters apartment in the historical centre of Turin.




Existing architectural features, still endowed with their aulic and decorative elements like doors, stuccos, hardwood floors were the starting point for an intellectual trip through two different expressions of Space: the Emotional one and the Cartesian–Intellectual one .




Decoration and colourful wallpaper by Farrow and Ball offer an emotional and vibrating space, in which suspended and rigorous white volumes, made of plasterboard, redefine a geometrical inner shell. Architecture is now a subtle white and alive skin, cladding the walls as icon of contemporary essentialism .




The Home becomes a stage where people and furniture are free to own and disown the surrounding context. Everything is pervaded by a subtle feeling of seemingly incompatible extremes, here traced into a delicate balance between reconciled contamination and coexistence of opposites which is a peculiarity of today’s trend.




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